The continued CMOS scaling is challenging and pushing the limits of existing characterization and metrology techniques. 3DAM and METRO4-3D are EU-funded pathfinding and assessment projects focusing on innovations and progress in metrology related to the latest generation of 3D FEOL and BEOL structures (fins, nanowires, TSVs) as well as 2D materials:

• Dimensional metrology: 3D-AFM, CD-SEM, OCD
• Structural analysis: TEM tomography, CL, SHG, GHz-SAM, X-ray CT
• Compositional/dopant analysis: SIMS, Atom probe, STEM-EDX and EELS, IRR, Raman, HRXRD
• Carrier distribution and mobility: 3D-SSRM, micro-multi-point probes, THz spectroscopy
• Strain and stress: HRXRD, Raman, PED

The goal of this workshop is to disseminate the results of the projects to the public. The combination with the insights and learnings from experts will make this one-day workshop an up-to-date overview of the most recent advances in the analytical techniques and diagnostic capabilities essential for technology development.


Invited speakers:
Dr. Zhiyong Ma (Intel)
Dr. Ajey Jacob (GlobalFoundries)
Dr. Paul Hinnen (ASML)
Dr. Ozan Ugurlu (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Dr. Paul van der Heide (imec)

Date: Friday 20th April 2018
Location: imec, Leuven (Belgium)
Registration deadline: 13th April 2018

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Program Committee:
Dr. Andreas Schulze (imec)
Dr. Laurens Kwakman (Thermo Fisher Scientific)