Dr. Zhiyong Ma (Intel, US) 
Zhiyong Ma is vice president in the Technology and Manufacturing Group and director of the Technology Development and Manufacturing Labs at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for all aspects of lab technology development and operations in support of advanced silicon and assembly process technology development and manufacturing, product fault diagnostics, and platform level testing and debug. He works with industry and academia to drive synergistic collaboration and development to advance metrology and diagnostic capability and ecosystem for the semiconductor industry. Ma holds seven patents, primarily in the field of under-bump metallization, silicon strain engineering, secured fuse technology, e-beam probing, and has published more than 30 refereed papers, as well as a book chapter on silicide technology and a book on metrology and diagnostic techniques for nanoelectronics.
Dr. Ma has a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Shanghai University, a master’s degree in materials engineering from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Dr. Ajey Jacob (GlobalFoundries, US) 
Ajey Jacob leads the Differentiating Technology Research group for GLOBALFOUNDRIES TD Research division. In this capacity, Ajey Jacob does research on More Than Moore differentiating elements such as silicon photonics, embedded logic and memory devices, artificial intelligence. He has also served GLOBALFOUNDRIES in various other capacities such as leading the exploratory device and integration research group (sub 14 nm technology node), and the pathfinding integration research program (10 & 7 nm node) for the IBM Technology Alliance in Albany, NY.
Until 2011, Ajey Jacob worked as a senior research scientist for Intel corporation’s component research organization and managed two industry-sponsored strategic research consortia for next generation CMOS devices and materials “Western Institute of Nanoelectronics” (WIN) and “Functional Engineering in Nano Architectonics” (FENA) and many other Intel sponsored key research projects.
Ajey Jacob received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Chalmers University of Technology/Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002. Ajey Jacob has more than 100 issued US patents and several pending approval. He has also published 3 book chapters, more than 70 journal and conference paper in a wide area of scaled and differentiating technologies. 


Dr. Paul Hinnen (ASML, The Netherlands) 
Paul Hinnen graduated in Physics at the “Radboud University Nijmegen” in 1993, in the area of laser spectroscopy and optical physics. In 1993 he worked on his PhD thesis at “The Free University in Amsterdam” on the subject of Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy and its application on astrophysical phenomena. After he received his PhD, he joined ASML in 1998, where he has held various engineering, architect and system engineering positions. In the past 20 years at ASML he has built extensive experience in the area of optical sensor design, as well as overlay, imaging and metrology applications. Currently he is program system engineer for optical metrology systems, applications and control software products, as part of the applications business line of ASML.


Dr. Ozan Ugurlu (Thermo Fisher Scientific, US)
Dr. Ozan Ugurlu has been the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for FEI’s automated Workflows and Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) since 2014. Dr. Ugurlu joined FEI in 2011 as an application engineer, where he worked directly with leading semiconductor customers providing metrology and defect analysis solutions using electron microscopes. He has also worked as business development manager for FEI’s semiconductor division prior to his current role, where he helped with introduction and penetration of automated TEMs into semiconductor market.
Dr. Ugurlu received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University in 2006. Prior to joining FEI, Dr. Ugurlu was a Research Associate at Univeristy of Minnesota and Post-Doc at Los Alamos National Labs.


Dr. Paul van der Heide (imec, Belgium) 
Paul recently filled the position of Director of MCA (Materials and Component Analysis) at imec. The scope of MCA is a) to support the characterization needs of the imec facilities (capabilities include APT, Raman, RBS, SIMS, SPM, TEM, XPS, etc.), and b) to explore, develop and implement the characterization capabilities required for tomorrows industry.
Prior to moving to imec, Paul held positions at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Malta, NY, USA (where he headed the end to end analytical labs support for high volume semiconductor device manufacturing and R&D), Samsung, Austin, TX, USA (where he established and managed the surface characterization labs for supporting high volume semiconductor device manufacturing), and the University of Houston, TX, USA (where he lectured courses in physical chemistry and surface analysis, while also managing the MRSEC SIMS-XPS facility).
Paul earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Auckland, New Zealand (topic concerned the design and construction of a magnetic sector SIMS instrument), has authored over 100 publications in international peer reviewed journals, and is sole author of two books published through Wiley.